Las Vegas Poem Solve

Las Vegas Poem Solve

March 01, 2020

What are you searching for?


Lace up your boots fine friend

To feel alive in the desert glow.


Some search for a golden dividend,

some come with adventure to sow.


Embark from a place to call home

and gaze toward the setting sun.


Your quest starts, begin to roam,

when the mission ends its run.


Your shining robe guide is arising.

The red eyed devil is flitting about.


When Gomorrah is sighted on the horizon,

it comes to pass, you should turn around.


You’re close now.

Beneath silent songs singing down from the peak.


Move toward the thumb of rock throngs

hitching back to the east.


Search well its base for a small alcove,

within it, treasure you will find.


Mother nature is your treasure trove

The answer is outside.


A Las Vegas Hikers Group was the winning search posse to find the hidden treasure. Click here to hop over to Instagram and show them some love! Watch them opening their cash at this video.  

We are continuing to get amazing pic submissions for the photo contest on Instagram. Check out some of them here. We will be accepting submissions until midnight March 1st and will announce the winner March 2nd. We really like the  Eloros arms spread "logo" type photos, but that is not necessary. Pics of you all outside enjoying yourselves is what this is all about!

Winner of the picture contest will receive a North Face gift card - It is so so easy to participate. Simply tag us on Instagram @elorosoutside and use the hashtag #eloros ... or email us your photos if you're not on Instagram.

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We will be coming to many local markets in the future as well as national level treasure hunts. The bigger we get the bigger the treasure purses as well. Stay up to date!