Build A Team!


We are excited to have you on to this next step in building your team. It's our mission to get people outside, use their brains, and cultivate a relationship with nature. 

You are helping us do this by inviting your friends on this epic treasure hunting adventure, and we this, THANK YOU!

To build a team, each contestant will need to sign up individually, but you'll all be connected via a special discount link (20% off!) that we'll share with you. Below you'll find best practice for building a team and a sign up form to get started!

Best practice for building a team:

1) Tag all your friends in our most recent Instagram or Facebook post telling them about the treasure hunt adventure. 

2) Start a group text thread to get your search posse excited about the upcoming wild times. GIFS always help.

3) Sign up below to get your 20% discount link to share with your friends. 

And that's about it. Get pumped, because the treasure grows the more people that sign up!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

-Patrick with Team Eloros

Get Notified For Upcoming Treasure Hunts!

We will be coming to many local markets in the future as well as national level treasure hunts. The bigger we get the bigger the treasure purses as well. Stay up to date!