Our contests are pretty simple, we want you to have fun, respect nature, and be safe.  Here are some other things you may be wondering.


When does the contest start?

The contest will start at a pre-determined time indicated on our website prior to taking payment and registering for the hunt.  There will typically be a countdown clock for each local contest on our site as well.  We will also email the contest specifics at the outset of each contest.  Everyone will have equal access to the hunt via a email sent to your registration email you provide and also upon login on our site.

Explain why there are two parts to the prize?

It's simple; there are two parts to the prize so people don't cheat.  You can only collect the second, much larger, piece of the prize if you have paid for an entry.  We will know if the first part has been taken and replace it with another or give contestants free entry into another hunt if taken by someone who has not purchased the riddle/puzzle/poem.

Where do we hide the prize?

-Our prizes are hid within a geographic sphere (20-40 miles) of a specific location that we define before any contests begin or we take payment for any contests.

-All of our prizes are hidden outside in nature. 

-None of our prizes are buried.  You will not need any hand tools to get the prize.  Nothing will need to be opened, deconstructed, broken, or harmed in any way to claim the prize.  We do not condone and will not tolerate harming the natural locations where the prize is, or could be, located.

-IT IS NOT DANGEROUS TO ACCESS THE PRIZE.  You can walk or hike to all of our prizes.  It's cool if you utilize an unconventionally way to find your prize, but don't get hurt doing something stupid and stay within the guidelines of the prizes public space. The prizes may not be sitting in the middle of a trail somewhere but you don't need to be a world class athlete to get to them.  You will, however, probably have to use your brain.

-All of our prizes are hidden on public land.   It is contestants’ obligation to research and abide by all rules and laws of any public land they search on.  If any contestant is found to be breaching any rule on said land we reserve the right to rescind their prize, if found, indefinitely.  Furthermore, we do not condone anything that would harm or compromise the natural spaces we want you to enjoy.  We define public land as:

  1. Land not owned by a private individual.
  2. Land that is governed by and maintained by a government such as a city, town, county, state, or the federal government.

Do you get a refund if you don't find the prize?


How do I collect the rest of my prize?

With each prize there will be instructions on how to contact us, and a code to give us, to claim your prize. Once a prize is found we will immediately stop accepting new entrants for the contest.  Don't worry though; we will have other contests soon.

How will I be notified of the start of the contest?

All contests will start at a specific time that will be posted on our site.  Upon the start of the contest you will receive an email with a riddle/puzzle/poem giving clues to find the prize.  We will only stop taking entrants once the prize is found.  We will know exactly when the prize is found because we have marked them with GPS locators AND have trail cams watching the prize.

What if nobody finds the prize right away?

If the prize is not found after one week we will email all contestants an additional clue each week the prize goes unclaimed.  The good news is that longer it goes unclaimed the higher the prize will become as all proceeds of the contest after our costs go directly to the prize!

Can I take the prize if I haven't paid for an entry and the riddle?

Yes, however, we believe it is HIGHLY unlikely that someone will randomly stumble upon our prizes.  In the event that they do or they cheat and get the riddle/puzzle/hints from a friend/online/alien then they will have wasted much of their time because they will not be entitled to the rest of the prize that can only be collected with proof of purchase of an entry.

Who can play?

Anyone over 18 can play who has paid our small entry fee for the contest.  If you are under 18 just get a friend or a family member over 18 to pay.  You can search together and split the prize!

Get Notified For Upcoming Treasure Hunts!

We will be coming to many local markets in the future as well as national level treasure hunts. The bigger we get the bigger the treasure purses as well. Stay up to date!