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Our Mission

We want to get people outside, use their brains, and cultivate a relationship with nature. 

Is this something you are into? Or do you just like the idea of a fun event to get people excited? Either way, let's get the word out. Below you will find content assets that are free to use in any way your creative expression so desires. Below you will find recent news article links, images to embed in your media, contact info and images of our team, and logos files. 





Whitney Whitehouse, Eloros Social Guide

We love the outdoors!

And we also love humans. If you want to reach out and interview any one of use, we are always here to chat!

Matt Cobb: Lead Guide


Patrick Hitches: Web Guide


Eric Tepe: Branding Guide

Whitney Whitehouse: Social Guide


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We will be coming to many local markets in the future as well as national level treasure hunts. The bigger we get the bigger the treasure purses as well. Stay up to date!